Drone Surveys Blackpool

We can provide a full drone survey of your roof or property from fee's as little as just £80.00. A drone can safely reach difficult locations, heights and properties that would ordinarily require scaffold before being able to view them. Our surveys include a video and photographs of your roof and our drones are piloted by CAA certified pilots. Ideal for larger properties, high chimneys, unsafe roof's, hotels and guest houses. If you are a commercial property we can also take aerial photographs of your property for your marketing purposes. 

If you suspect you have a roof issue a drone survey might be a better option and far less likely to cause further damage than a traditional roof inspection. 

CAA certified drone pilots. Surveys from as little as £80.00
Chimney and Roof surveys, difficult to reach roof area's, 3 storey properties, large roof's etc.
4K video and photographs and full explanation of any issues. 100% safe way to have your roof inspected.